Build Gallery

Build Gallery

Yes it really is made of wood! Here you can see every bit of wood going into a #DASH12

Starting with a basic framework on a jig, we lay out the shape.


We then begin to add ply to the boat, fairing in as we go

Front and rear transoms are added

The remaining outer skin is now added. All is held in with epoxy and temporary fixings

With temporary fixings removed, holes are epoxy filled and the hull is flipped over

Now the topsides structure is added with extra bracing for the mast

With topsides structure in, all existing joins are filleted with epoxy and the cockpit starts to take shape

Centreboard box and thwart goes in next which have been pre-manufactured in jigs on-site

A good layer of epoxy wood sealant is applied all over before the hull is closed and then the cockpit sole is fitted

The deck is fitted and held down with heavy weights while the glue cures along with a strengthening piece

A lyaer of glass is added to the cockpit sole and below the waterline. The transom block is also added and the whole exterior selaed with an epoxy sealant

An epoxy high-build primer is applied and the surface flattened for paint. Any final fairing and spot filling is done before sending to paint. It's now starting to look like less of a wooden boat.

Back from paint we will now add all of the extras to make it sail

Once we've added all the finishing touches, She's ready to sail.