#DASH12 Performance Sailing Dinghy

#DASH12 Performance Sailing Dinghy

Intermediate/Experienced Level Sailing Dinghy

We are committed to reducing the plastic in our oceans one boat at a time!

The #DASH12 is a wooden high performance singled-handed sailing dinghy made from a fabulous green material. Available with a choice of rig sizes 4.7m, 5.7m, 7m or 8.1m to suit different crew weights. A family can have one #DASH12 dinghy and several different rig sizes depending on the sailor and conditions. The dinghy is a lot more stable than similar types and require less effort to sail than would be expected.
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  • Estimated Portsmouth Yardstick 1011.
  • Wooden hull built using FSC approved wood.
  • Planing hull design.
  • Wider hull with a greater righting moment allowing more power from the sail before requiring hiking out as would be typical for single handed dinghies of this size and sail area.
  • Greater form stability due to hard chine at water level.
  • Easy and quick to rig.
  • All sail controls on centre thwart within easy reach.
  • Clear cockpit area while sailing.
  • Two separate buoyancy tanks.
  • Lightweight. Can be car roof mounted by two people.
  • Can be crewed by two light to medium build people or one heavy person.
  • More environmentally friendly as built from FSC approved wood.
  • Multiple rig sizes easily interchangeable to suit all ages, crew weights & conditions. Sail sizes: 4.7m², 5.7m², 7m², 8.1m²
  • 5:1 purchase on the kicker
  • 5:1 purchase on the outhaul
  • 2:1 purchase on the boom traveller

Price £10,895 for 4.7m², 5.7m², 7m² rigs.

£11,495 for 8.1m² rig.

(Price includes standard launching trolley and cover)

Contact us now for a TEST SAIL at Starcross Yacht Club on the beautiful River Exe in Devon.
Phone 01803 431920 or email: [email protected]