What is the Portsmouth Yardstick for the #DASH12?
"The #DASH12 hasn’t raced enough to get a PY yet. But the Starcross Yacht Club has advised a provisional PY of 1011."

What is the #DASH12 made from?
"The #DASH12 is manufactured from marine grade FSC approved materials. Plywood on Spruce bonded with West Systems adhesives and epoxy sealed. Fittings are from Allen."

Is the #Dash12 a complicated boat to rig?

Is the #Dash12 a complicated boat to sail?
"No, all the control lines are close to hand at the centre thwart."

Are they comfortable?
"Yes. With a wide side deck, a deep cockpit, a higher boom and less hiking they’re considerably more comfortable than other similar dinghies."

Is the #DASH12 self-draining?
"Yes, the cut-away stern transom allows water to drain feely."

How tippy are they?
"At rest, the shallow dished hull feels tippy, but once moving the power of the sails and the hull form quickly stabilise the boat."

How easy are they to right after a capsize?
"We’ve put a rail around the inside of the side deck to hold onto, and the stern transom also allows re-entry."

How much tweaking do I have to do on the rig?
"There’s plenty of adjustments an advanced sailor can make – kicker, outhaul, boom traveller, dagger board."