About Us

About Us

Enjoy going fast
Dash Dinghies Ltd. builds lightweight wooden high performance sailing dinghies with high form stability! Enjoy going fast without the typical physical effort.

Flat out performance
The #DASH12 has been designed for flat out performance. Its looks stand out from the crowd of GRP dinghies. Maximum ease of handling with a single sail.

The #DASH12 dinghy was created following a lunchtime conversation between team members at Devon Wooden Boats Ltd. We were reminiscing about our younger years and being fit enough to sail single handed performance dinghies and knowing we would never be that fit again. We decided to start a separate company to avoid distraction from Devon Wooden Boats’ specialist restoration work.

Planing hull and with form stability
This led to designing a dinghy with a wide planing hull and with form stability to reduce the need to hike out. We decided on a Scow type design and wanted something that looked cool and fast. We chose to build in wood because there is a growing trend to move away from fibreglass due to its environmental impact. Being traditional shipwrights it’s what we know best.

Built with passion
We put our heart and soul into the vessels we produce. We even follow the age old tradition of mast-stepping by placing a coin into the hog under the mast step.

Test Sail
Contact us for a test sail on ‘Stinger’ (the yellow and black one). She lives at Starcross Yacht Club on the River Exe in Devon.